Comic Books and Comedy

I produce and host a fantastic monthly show at one of the most beautiful and fun comic book shops in Santa Monica.  The owners and I have created a wonderful venue for comedians to ply their comedic craft, with the eclectic pop culture surroundings that is a comic book shop. Below are the many posters created by co-producer Mauricio Machuca and myself, Alex Kojfman.

It’s been going on for over a year, and is beloved by all the comedians that have graced its stage, and the regular audience that comes to enjoy the show.

com-fix april2-small2 HiDeHo-Comedy - 3d poster-FIX







hideho-june11-smallshow 5 - july 16 show 6 - hdHNEWCOMEDY4







hideho-SEPT 3-Small HiDeHo-Oct 1st hideho-9-catwoman-fb







hideho-10-Dec X Men - sm hi de ho-11-Jan7 starwars-sm cbc12proof-sm







CC-13 March 3-sm

santa monica comedy CC15 - May 5-sm







comedy alex kojfman

CC17-USVCAN-sm comedy in santa monica







Tune in next month for more posters.