Hello world, I got me a new website.

Well it finally happened.  I managed to update my website without any sort of technology gods getting in the way. The old Alexk.ca was made on iWeb and had not been updated since Oct 2013. In fact it last said I was moving to Tel Aviv and doing some comedy there for a while.

A lot has changed since then; I came over to Los Angeles, married a beautiful and amazing woman, and got back into comedy, taking improv classes at iO West, and performing stand up comedy around the city.

I’m still managing my restaurant review website EatDrinkTelAviv, a project I started while doing my masters there. I still have several more reviews to include, and it keeps me busy writing and on photoshop. I thought about doing something here in Los Angeles, but there are so many amazing resources here, and EatDrinkTelAviv.com is very labour intensive.

That website did teach me a lot about website design, content development, and the art of writing and planning every day. While I figured out some of what I can do, I also learned what I can’t or shouldn’t do. (That’s where you hire an expert at Codeable.io (I recommend Alex Belov.)

But in all that time working on Eatdrinktelaviv, it gave me the confidence to finally update my own personal comedy website. I hope you enjoy your stay. I will endeavor to blog often. I’ve been fortunate enough to dive into a variety of books and podcasts, articles and movies on all sorts of topics. I understand the art of blogging, much like comedy is doing it often, even for a little bit. So check back, and hope you have a great day!


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