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Here’s the landing page for some of my graphic design work. It’s broken down into topics.

EatDrinkTelAviv –  HERE are some of my favorite images from my restaurant review website All the photos on the website are originals by me – which features mouthwatering photography, but also fun and eye catching design to let the viewer know what food is pictured. It’s a balance between color and space, without distracting from the photo.

USC HillelHERE are some promotional images, flyers and posters created for the many events held.

Colors of ComedyHERE is a really cool timeline that showcases the changes in the comedy show posters I produced between 2007 to 2015.

Mazon – HERE are some mock-ups created for the position at Mazon.

You can always check any of my website linked above, as well as and I created all the logos, images, and content for all the websites.

What’s More Pies Less Lies? Well, let’s meet up and talk about it. Script Vs. Screen is a weekly podcast I created because I was alway curious about podcasts so I set out to figure that out.

It just goes to show that if there is something I want to get done, I make it happen.

Some of what you will find in the links above.

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