What’s in a Name?

Now that I have my shiny new theme install and my website is slowly coming together I wonder about what’s in a name?

My internet presence as been a little sparse these few years. I stopped loading up videos/clips on youtube because reasons twofold: 1) I never seemed to video tape a stand up performance I felt good about, Murphy’s Law always taking hold that if I brought my video camera and finally set it up I wouldn’t have a great set. 2) This one might sound funny, but there was talk about people stealing jokes from youtube. I know, looking back, it was a silly reason. After all I’m not some big comedian that someone would steal jokes from, but then again, maybe that’s exactly who people are stealing from? It’s a real problem, but a problem nothing can be done about it. (Somethings worth writing about in the future)

That being said, I should try to figure out how to get more clips on Youtube. (You can click on the link to see the few videos I do have up.) Since the iPhone makes recording yourself and posting online super easy I don’t really have any excuse, so joke thieves be damned.

More importantly I wanted to talk about my URL Alexk.ca.  I chose that because I am Canadian, it rhymed, and most importantly Alexk.com was already taken.

The interesting thing about Alexk.com is the fact that I have been visiting that site now and again for almost 10 years, and it’s been an interesting transition. It has always been the online home of Alex Kroke, a NYC based photographer. His stuff was and is pretty good but you can tell he has changed his focus. I feel he’s matured, grown up, evolved over the years.

When I first started my own website I visited Alexk.com to see what was up and found several erotic photography photos. It was all tasteful, mostly digitally manipulated photos of mostly naked (is that a term?) or semi-nude women with a little side-boob or bare butt here, hugging some sort of sphere, and a little bit of photoshopped magic. The site had more of a youthful edge to it. I can’t be certain but there might have been music incorporated into the website – you know the kind that starts automatically and is incredibly annoying.

Now if you visit, you can see he has changed. More architectural photography, interior shots and pictures of very beautiful fully-clothes women. (Check out his blog where he does a really cool photoshoot for Speaking Futbol – http://www.alexk.com/blog-news/)

So now it comes to me Alex Kojfman. It’s been many years since an update and I’ve definitely changed. I’ve evolved and matured as the years went on. I want my website to reflect that.

With my Alexk.ca website now live I’m wondering if I should find another URL? Truth is, with so many different website suffixes out there the .CA has never bothered me, but maybe I should look for a .COM to call home. 

So let me know what you think? Does AlexKojfman.com make sense? Is the silent J a website URL no-no? How about incorporating comedy, comedian, standup, funny, or anything related to that world into the Alexk domain search?

Make your suggestions below.


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